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Joanne Northey Not Naked Enough but Semi Naked of the Day

Joanne Northey seems to be an Irish girl in Dublin who obviously graduated with a Fine Arts degree from her Irish University, because that is why she’s getting naked in a photoshoot, as a part time model, because it’s for art man, not for ego, or for commerce…it’s just for the self expression or helping her pervert friend who wanted to see her naked and this was his angle’s self expression…

She’s pretty hot, I mean that could just be the whole her naked out there….or the whole bad Catholic girl, since all of Ireland are good Catholic folk….except maybe McGregor…but I like when I see a catholic girl get her tits out there, like when I found out the catholic school girls kept their virginity but had anal…since anal to non catholics is so much fucking worse..at least in smell alone….

I appreciate whatever it is she’s doing, and I am sure Ireland does too, because if you ask any Irish men if there are hot Irish women, they’ll usually say something like “the girls look like me with a longer beard”…you know good old fashioned Irish humor…right in time for St Patrick’s day..

All this to say, I hope she’s actually Irish and didn’t just go to college in Ireland because that would really defeat the purpose of this entire post….

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