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Joe Montana’s Sons Tag Team Some Chick on the Beach of the Day

When your dad is a pro football player who has video games named after him…scoring pussy is pretty fucking easy…but apparently not easy enough because both these motherfuckers are targeting the same girl in some kind of situation that can only end up being awkward at best…I mean sure you both have the same genetics…you both took baths together as kids…but there’s something weird about being hard together while mounting some groupie opportunist slut. I know a couple sets of brothers who used to constantly go for the tag team cuz apparently when you’re related it’s not gay but it is convenient and I never got it, I guess I’m just prude when it comes to mixing sex and family, unless we’re talking about sisters getting down with each other, obviously…

I could be wrong about the girl in the picture, I’m thinking there’s just as good a chance she’s their stepmother as there is a chance that it’s groupie pussy trying to be seductive…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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