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Johnny Hallyday’s Wife Gets Manhandled of the Day

He is the French Elvis. I don’t know any of his music because I deal with enough french people every fucking day of my life, that I try to avoid the shit, but I do know that his young groupie wife is getting manhandled by an LA Laker naked Didier Jlunga-Mbenga, and you can almost see up her skirt….

I guess Hallyday has one of those black on blonde fetishes, you know since he’s old and his dick most likely doesn’t work, he likes to recruit the biggest, blackest African he can find to rail the shit out the bitch so that she learns her lesson and can’t walk for a fucking week, maybe to keep her from whining and begging and annoying Hallyday to use his mouth on her groupie ass or maybe because he’s into that shit like so many other dudes are….and I guess I shouldn’t really give a shit considering you probably have no idea who this fucker is cuz I don’t and I do this shit all day.

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