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Girl Who Will Fuck Anyone on TV in Her Bikini of the Day

Here is further proof that if you are even the most obscure person on TV, I’m talking the guy in the Best Buy ads….or even the guy in the local furniture store ads….you’re gonna get pussy…because I assume girls figure you’ve got shit going for you if people are willing to let you on camera…especially since they aren’t on TV…and their last asshole boyfriend wasn’t on TV…but he’d sure be pissed off to find out that she’s fucking someone who is on TV….kinda thing that makes the world go round…and the nice thing about it is that she looks hot in a bikini…..

If you’re wondering who the guy is, not that you are…he’s on the Kardashian show from hell I hope no one watches leaving them unwanted and in line for a good old fashioned family murder suicide.

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