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Julia Rose and her Crew Naked of the Day

Julia Rose is probably the most important girl who gets naked on Instagram. You may or may not have heard of her but she’s managed to build a small empire for herself. She’s charging people 15 dollars to follow her on Patreon. She’s got enough people paying her that 15 dollars a month to make over 100k a month and she’s not even that hot, she’s just smart enough to embrace where she fits into the social media thing, and fucking exploit the fuck out of it.

She’s also started a titty mag, which is pretty interesting in an era where Playboy editors have been quoted saying “this nude shoot in water represents gender fluidity”….in a WTF you tying to pull with your bullshit…you BULLSHIT…

When all we really need is a group of girls, coordinating shoots, and getting fucking naked in them…

It’s softcore Glamour Model shit, but as a people, in this era, it is exactly what we need….and it’s nice to see a naked girl cashing in, rather than just being a vapid idiot who calls herself a feminist waiting around for a rich guy to determine her future.

What I am saying is be more like Julia Rose.


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Julia Rose Insta Thot Driving With the Top Down of the Day

Julia Rose is one of those girls who gets naked on instagram, has build a large audience of perverts on instagram, probably gets paid on Patreon from a handful of them looking for exclusive nude content, also probably gets paid by rich dudes in LA who like to have girls like this on payroll….covering rent or whatever….there’s a lot rich dudes are willing to do with prices they barely even notice spending cuz they are rich…

Basically living her best LA life, but doing it without actually doing porn, when she was likely destined to be a bottle service girl before turning to porn….and the whole thing is fun, cuz she does it with her tits out, in an exhibitionist just having a good time way….and that’s far better than brand friendly bitches on instagram who we don’t get see naked..

Plus she’s got some humor…riding with the top down, while her top is off…I mean it’s not genius, but compared to the comedy out there, it’s pretty close..

Here are some pics..

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