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Karen Gillan and/or Katee Sackhoff from Doctor Who Bikini Top for Twitter of the Day

This girl has a really obscure nerd fan base….her name is Karen Gillan and/or Katee Sackhoff and she’s from a show called Doctor Who and/or some other nerd shit…that I have never seen but that I know makes me feel VERY uncomfortable…it’s just the smell of semen filled underwear on virgin losers who are socially awkward as fuck especially after seeing this pic in the computer science lab at school….

But what it comes down to is that I can hate a bitch for drawing in a loyal fan base of really creepy socially awkward people who are scared of girls but not scared of building electronics….or fantasy lives….where their second life is actually their first life….I have to take her for what she is…and that is a relatively busty….big…redhead in a bikini top…cuz that’s ultimately what matters here….who cares if she’s Katee Sackhoff or Karen Gillan…just know she’s in a bikini…

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