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Karlie Klass Ass in Vogue Italia 2011 of the DAy

Victoria’s Secret made a big deal about flat chested and Monkey faced Karlie Klass from the mid-west or wherever the fuck she’s from…They made it seem like they pulled her out of a Walmart or chain family restaurant and gave her to opportunity to live up to every little girl’s dream….according to the other “Angels” who seem to think every little girl dreams about being a lingerie model whore on display as an object with push up bras on….but the reality is she’s been a model for years, she was picked from a major agency, like Lily Aldridge, she’s been doing this model thing for a while, but I guess mainstream america who watches that informercial shit doesn’t know much about that…they just know “Them there bitches in panties look good while I drink my beer in my redneck shitty trailer that’s in foreclosure….”….USA Motherfuckers…….

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