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Kate Compton’s Alright of the Day


Her name is Kate Compton. She’s an instagram model. The kind of girl who is famous for her hard work posting selfies of her half naked body, working with instagram photographers, because everyone on instagram is a photographer, making for magical burger filled shoots, that make you wonder if people just like the burgers and not the girl…is she interchangeable…or is she the missing link that legitimizes all these instagram people….I don’t know, but I will try to masturbate to her.

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Kate Compton for Treats! of the Day

Photographer LUCIMA and Videographer Chris Vongsawat shot this amazing fucking video with a girl I follow on instagram called Kate Compton for our friends and geniuses over at TREATS! MAGAZINE who know how to get a good looking model naked…for art.

This video is intense and amazing.

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