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Kate Sissons Whores Out in PIMP of the Day

She’s the daughter of some BBC news reporter named Peter Sissons. I love when parents work hard at having legitimate careers, you know at providing their family with a life of luxury where they mingle with the Biritish Society, allowing them to be anything they want to be, giving them access to the best possible education and their daughters choose to play Dominatrix bitches in nipple clamps on camera cuz it’s the only job her “professionally” trained acting ass can get….

She decided one day she was talented enough, and looked good enough to work in the movies, to live the celebrity life, cuz the rich girl life wasn’t enough, but even with pullin’ all of her daddy’s contacts, nipple clamps and the splits is all this whore can get. Failure for her is a win for us. Amazing.

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