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Vampire Diary Cleavage of the Day

Vampires bore me. Someone needs to come up with a new monster or villian or horror movie character because shit is fucking repetitive. Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, it’s like we still get off to the same bullshit our distant relatives did and I find that pretty fucking pathetic of us. We’ve got technology, we’ve evolved as a species so we should give people who try to change the horror front more respect instead of calling them creepy freaks, cuz relying on this played out shit is just fucking lazy and it isn’t getting old, it is fucking old….

What doesn’t get old though is small breasted girls who decide to show off their barely there tits because small breasted girls think about cleavage all the time since they struggle to have cleavage, while busty chicks try to hide the shit, flat chested chicks try to figure out scientific mechanisms to make it look like they do, which is really unfortunate cuz small breasts are fucking hot…substantially hotter than fake tits…but not quite as hot as the insecurity a girl has about her small tits cuz insecurity means more chance of getting laid…

The girl in these pics is named Katerina Graham from Vampire Diaries, she’s doing some promo shit for Planet Hollywood cuz I guess Planet Hollywood hasn’t gone bankrupt yet and she’s working her little tits as hard as she fucking can…..enjoy….

Pics via LFI

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