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Kathleen Sorbara Titties of the Day

Kathleen Sorbara Titties

Kathleen Sorbara is a model, whatever that means…I mean I don’t know how may times I’ll repeat myself on this shit…but I’ll repeat myself on this shit…and that is that every single girl with social media is trying to be a model, a photographer, an actress, a PR chick, a brand ambassador, an influencer, a fitness GURU, the best they can be…because the internet has been reduced to a bunch of idiots making self indulgent profiles on their feed, making Zuckerberg and shareholders lots of money, where they have board meetings called “How to bait people in to make us lots of money because their egos and boredom force them to be addicted to the platform we created, good job team, let me go buy another private island and FB target ads about how I am going to be the next president, because I am god, the people have spoken, I am god”…

That said, She’s not a traditional model, but is signed with a traditional agency, because traditional agencies are scrambling to compete with instagram, so they bring on the bigger girls, and I’m into the bigger girls sometimes, mainly when I’m looking at their tits, because a sturdy women never offends me when her titties are out…so here’s Kathleen and her tits…proving she’s a model…to those of you who aren’t believers and who just think she’s a big girl who takes nudes for her social media to get followers..you don’t see the big picture. .

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