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Kefera Buchmann Topless on Snapchat of the Day


K√©fera Buchmann is a a Brazilian actress, youtuber and comedian….apparently….

She’s got 6.9 Million Followers on her Instagram …. and she’s not even that hot…we can assume its because the general public has ZIKA virus and their small brains can’t help buy buy into her…

I’ve never been to Brazil, but I know it is the land high AIDS rate and TRANNY prostitute availability makes it a place you probably don’t want to find yourself…it’s the reason AIDS has been included in some famous PORN scenes…not to mention I visit LIVELEAK daily (click stepNEWS in the header) and all the most fucked up murders happen in Brazil…but that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing…

Like you, I have been fed that Brazilian models with nice round ass, who may or may not have penis, thanks to the Victoria’s Secret team loving their asses..so I am a believer, even if this Kefera Buchmann is not that exciting – even in her “scandal” for more press, because what the hell else is there to do when you’ve already got 6.9 Million followers..

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