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Kim Riekenberg Slutty of the Day

Kim Riekenberg is proper slutty if you are like me and think when a girl decides to spend her day topless or in her underwear for a dude with a camera…not fully showing tit…but still doing dramatic poses with her tits out for the camera is slutty….because it is.

That is not to say we don’t love sluts, cuz we do, otherwise we wouldn’t post pics of sluts all day.

It’s just to say whatever angle they use to polarize their slutty, like that it is art or feminism doesn’t take away from the slutty, it just makes it more annoying, which is why we mute these sluts and look at their basic, low level content for what it is…tits to look at….nothing more…nothing less.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Kim Riekenberg but I like her wet T-Shirt…reminds me of the good old days when wet t-shirts were a staple at all the trashy bars…before tits and nipples came with a fucking manifesto you have to navigate as to not offend these people who are fundamentally just as slutty as sluts of the 90s but WAY less fun.

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