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Interview with Wonder Women XXX’s Kimberly Kane for Orgy University of the Day

I had the chance to interview, Kimberly Kane, who is getting a lot of hype for being in Wonder Woman XXX , but who I was talking to about Orgy University, a movie that she directed, that is loosely based on Carrie and that you can see an EXCLUSIVE HARDCORE CLIP OF HERE .

Here’s the interview with Kimberly Kane, who really doesn’t seem to like me very much.

How did you get into the industry

I got into the industry through a friend. She was going to a set to pick up a check. I went with her and felt really comfortable and right at home. The director asked me if I’d ever do a scene and I said yes. I got tested and did my first scene.

We’re you at all concerned about what friends and family would think of your choice

Not really, my mother was a dancer and she also produced a few softcore/arthouse movies so I grew up around very sex positive people so it wasn’t a surprise that I chose the profession that I did.

What was your favorite part of being in front of the Camera?

I’m still in front of the camera and my favorite part is the chemistry you have with your fellow performer and doing a really great scene.

What inspired you to get behind the scenes?

I have a big imagination and I had the opportunity to direct and I took it. It’s another great part of the job.

I watched a teaser of your latest , I was into it, how would you describe your style?

My style is ALT which mean to me, an alternative to the normal porn you see all the time. I make porn that has a dark vibe and is very stylish without loosing the most important part, sexual intensity.

Who would you say your influences from mainstream movies are?

I don’t watch a ton of movies, I get a lot of influence from photography. I like Nan Goldin, Nobuyoshi Araki, Larry Clark & Richard Kern to name a few.

Based on your experience, what is the flaw in porn movies today ?

We just don’t have the time to make a movie that has really developed stories. Most of our movies are shot in 1-3 days so some things get left out or you don’t get everything you want to make the movie fuller. But usually as long as the sex is good the critics can be forgiving.

What do you think the public wants out of a movie ?

Really chemistry, intensity, quality & production value.

How are you going to change the game?

I already am.

Your Wikipedia page says you are into role playing games and my readers are socially awkward Virgins, can you confirm this is truth and not just a strategy to prey on losers by telling them you are into the only thing they have going for them ?

You opinion about your readers and people who play games is rude and misguided. I play dnd with my friends. We played for along time, then we got an opportunity to make it into an online show called “I Hit It With My Axe” and people loved it. We stopped shooting the show a few years ago but continued to play and still do. I like getting together with friends and playing a game. Maybe you should try it sometime.

You’re lovely, lets get married under the sunset on our first date.


Wow. that hurts me at my core. Good thing I have no soul. Otherwise this rejection would lead to suicide.

Even if she rejected me, I win, cuz I get to watch her fuck, if I really want to Follow this link to see the exclusive clip

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Kimberly Kane is Wonder Woman XXX of the Day

Vivid is releasing a movie that may make Virgin Losers everywhere explode, it is Wonder Woman XXX, like the comic book you used to masturbate to, only the porn version, so that instead of imagining the superhero on your dick while reading the comic or watching the re-runs like you have, you can see it in action.

The interesting thing in all this is that the costumer looks pretty top notch, unlike porn of the past, that would involve some stripper dress and duct tape that was ripped off the second they got into the motel room/back of the van….it’s almost like porn’s gone hollywood.

I am into that merge.

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