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Kimora Lee Simmons Topless on a Yacht of the Day

Korean / Black Gold Miner…which to those of you who don’t know is a professional Gold Digger, the kind of girl who goes for the real payload, and who invests all she has into prospecting, we’re talking any heavy machinery possible, because digging is for amateurs, this bitch required heavy machinery…

She was a fashion model at 15 in the late 80s, because she’s 6 food tall…

She was Russell Simmons’ bitch when she was 17. Which is illegal if you’re not a multi millionaire 35 year old black dude at the time.

They were married when she was 23 and divorced at 31…which was a perfect amount of time to amass a hefty monthly child support payment, alimony payment, and half of the 140,000,000 dollar Baby Phat / Phat Farm empire….

It all worked out pretty well for her, and here she is at 38, living the fucking life, topless on a yacht, a life that only happened because she was 6 foot tall…which when you think about it, is fucking crazy.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Hot Body in a Bikini of the Day

I have a thing for gold digging hookers in bikinis in luxurious places with their kids that secured their gold digging status…and made them seem like they aren’t gold diggers at all…you know since you brought the gold’s kids into the world….and pretended to front his clothing line and shit….so that it seems like she’s not spending their ex husbands money…but spending money they’ve earned with their vagina….especially when they are old….it’s like finding expired milk in the fridge…past it’s prime…but still worth smelling to see if it will make you sick…only with more implants…

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Kimora Lee Simmons Shows Off her Fat Half Asian Tits of the Day

I don’t understand why Kimora Lee Simmons hasn’t dropped her ex-husband and employer’s name, when she’s gone off and married a new guy and had his baby in May, but I guess I shouldn’t really concern myself with that kind of bullshit, but should instead stare at her half black / half asian massive milk filled tits, because this kind of cleavage is next level. I know I should be disgusted by her since she’s a 6 foot tall half Asian making Kimora Lee pretty much a freak of nature, but I’m kinda getting into freaks partially because normal girls are so average these days….but mainly because I’m a pervert who will take anything with a vagina…

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