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Kinga Kaza Intense Nipple for TUSH Magazine of the DAy

I don’t know Kinga Kaza, but I think she’s a fashion model, who borders on alternative model, but maybe I’m just assuming that these safety pin through nipple pics are real, when they are really probably just a photographic lie…but what isn’t a lie…is her nipples…something that no one really get excited about in this throat fucking porno fueled society….but that thanks to this throat fucking porno filled society…means so many girls are all about tit pics, because “whtatever, it’s just tits’….which has been an amazing revolution of man kind…for someone who has spent the better part of 2 decades trying to get girls to show me their tits by saying “whatever, it’s just tits”…I am a visionary…20 years ahead of our times…finally…the tits are catching up with my vision… I should have a religion…

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