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I am – Master P’s New Music Video of the Day

I like the disclaimer on this new Master P video that was just emailed to me that says that this is intended as some kind of artistic statement. I’ve used that line before, but people don’t take my art seriously, because apparantly talking shit about slutty vagina is seen as being perverted when making a video of the KKK playing streetball with black people is seen as some kind of relevant social commentary on racism.

Well, vagina shit talkin is my art, so advertisers and sites that refuse to link me because I post nipples, if you’re out there, I think it’s time for you to be supportive of local artists, and by artists I mean a fat drunk dude who writes too much incoherent shit for some asshole like you to jerk off to, because it’s the only painting you do, actually it’s the only thing you do and that’s why you don’t have friends, because no one likes a homie who doesn”t shower and smells like dried up sperm who spends everyday jerkin off or thinking about jeking off, who only leaves his house once a week to pick up his mother’s dry cleaning, it’s the deal you’ve got going on for free room and board.

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