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Kristina Tsvetkova Topless Photoshoot of the Day

Russian IMG Model Kristina Tsvetkova did some nude shoot, all greased up and lovely….

I’ve never heard of her, but like most models I’ve never heard of, I have seen her nipples…and I guess that’s better than I know most girls in my everyday life, like the bitch who serves me coffee, or the bitch who serves me donuts, or the bitch at the welfare office who always rejects my request for food stamps….I mean I even know this babe better than I know my own family members, and my neighbors, and people I went to high school with, and 98 percent of my Facebook friends…because this model has the decency to know, show your titties for your career, it’s better like that.

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Some Topless Model Named Kristina Tsvetkova Shot by John Ciamillo of the Day

I have no idea when this photoshoot was shot….I just know it involves some 22 year old topless chick with a Russian sounding name…topless…and really who she is and what she does doesn’t matter…she’s interchangeable like all the communist escapees girls who have turned to the sex trade, only instead of paying them by the hour to let you fuck them in your penthouse apartment as her KGB pimp waits in a town car outside….she charges you by the day to take pics of her topless….and then she fucks you in your penthouse apartment for free…and the whole thing is quite fucking lovely…but not as lovely as her tits in this shoot…and who knows…maybe she did it for free

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Kristina Tsvetkova Model Tits of the Day

Kristina Tsvetkova is a model….in her 20s….who is from Russia…you know the kind of communist bitch who avoided being smuggled into America as part of the human trafficking, Russian Mob controlled, sex trade…..because of the fall of communism….ruining all our underbelly of society sex trade fun…while giving child prostitutes the chance to leave the country legitimately, you know by modeling….and with modeling and being a hard Russian worker who if she was born a decade earlier would be a hooker waiting in line for rationed bread, comes a drive and work ethic tha leads to nipple in photoshoots….if spoiled American bitches had a little more struggle, a lot more poverty in their blood….the world would have far more pictures of nipples in it…but until that rock bottom hits more bitches….let’s just sit back and appreciate those who grasp what’s up…like this Kristina Tsvetkova bitch…

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