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Krysia Ksiezyk by Mark Ganzon is the Hipster Bush of the Day


Her name is Krysia Ksiezyk…you’ve never heard of her because she barely exists and the only reason I am posting her is because she’s naked…and not because she’s dating celebrities or doing anything all that interesting beyond getting naked…because I recognize talent, or at least nudity when I see it, because I’m an old fuck and don’t need throat fucking abuse porn to get off…but rather just a nice bush…whether based out of Dubai like this Krysia Ksiezyk or not…whether it is recently trimmed or not…whether it is even that hot or not…because my fetish…is bush…

So I’m posting this to encourage men everywhere to stop pressuring girls to shave their pussies bald, to ecourage men everywhere to realize that bush is stylish, erotic, a new dimension in your sex, and something fun to aim for when you cum…not that you have sex, but I figure you’re the kind of dude who prints out pics to cum on – because you’re that level of weird…

Either way, Bush comeback…makes my come comeback…becuase finally there’s some eroticism starting to happen, after the 90s and 2000s cheesy Kardashian shit we’re still surrounded by – but that is dying…So good.


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