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Kyle Bisutti is a Random Slut I Don’t Know with Implants of the Day

Her name is Kyle Bisutti, I’ve never heard of her but apparently she’s a Victoria’s Secret angel, which would explain her tits, but more importantly why I pulled her pictures out of an album filled with other pussy at some bullshit event I wasn’t invited to…I am pretty sure that Kyle isn’t her real name and is just her stage name/ model name her agency gave her because the complexity of a model’s career is not just standing around lookin’ good in pictures a few times a month making stupid money, but actually deeper than that…but if if it her real name, she’s pretty lucky she didn’t turn out ugly…cuz there’s nothing harder on a girl than having a boys name and a facial hair, acne, weight, or pretty much any type of problem. That’s all I have to say about that. I hope it was insightful. I really feel as though it was.

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