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Lacey Chabert Bikini for Lifetime of the Day

Lacey Chabert also knowns as the voice of Meg Griffin in Season one of Family Guy….a role people probably consider her at her best…..was also in Party of Five….one of those shows like Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, Felicity….etc… that manage to find a real passionate fan boy nice…and I don’t fucking know why….but I do know that I’ve been in at least one grown man’s house that was filled with action figures…and box sets of these kinds of shows….that screamed “I could be a serial killer, but I’m a harmless nerd”…..a description I assume also best describes you….which is the main reason I’m posting this 30 year old in her bikini in a TV Movie no one cares about and that won’t win her any awards…cuz that’s just the kind of actor she is…a filler that won’t leave much of a mark on the world…but that her weird, obsessive fans still have posters of and plan their wedding night every time they jerk off…I don’t get it…I just know it happens…

Here she is in a bikini for TV….

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