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The Sandra Kubicka Nudes for Playboy of the Day

Sandra Kubicka is trying to get famous…and she’s doing it as the Playboy Playmate in the first issue of Playboy being nude….a strategy that I think is necessary, but not that excicitng, because I am sure all these bitches have been naked on social media long enough to have a following on social media – making these pics not that exiciting, but more exciting than yesterday – when I thought this bitch didn’t even get naked in the new NUDE PLayboy – I was like the whole point of Polish imports in Miami from social media is getting them naked – quit fucking around Playboy…

You can see her Pussy Lips….I bet you’re the only one..

The other bitch from the Eastern Europe in Playboy US is Lada Kravchenko so here are the Nudes of Lada Kravchenko for Playboy of the Day…I figure put them all in one post so when Playboy comes at me like they used to – to take down the images – because they think they matter or want some big reveal – even though this is the internent…it’ll be one stop for me.

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