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Laeticia Hallyday See Through of the Day

I realize I start my posts saying “I don’t even know who this bitch is” on a regular basis. I don’t do that cuz I think I am too cool for these bitches and that I want them to think I think they are insignificant so that they email me requests to fuck me, cuz all girls like to be wanted, but because I actually don’t really remember who these bitches are on any level of fame. I have such a bad memory and bad eye sight that I could be sitting in the front of Alba masturbating and I wouldn’t know who she was, possibly cuz I’d be staring at her mom pussy twitching, but probably because I just can’t retain this kind of information…

I do know that this bitch in her see through top is married to some has-been French singer, they live in LA for some reason, and they are always in the paparazzi sites, but I don’t really know what she has done, what she does, or what she’s working on, I just know she’s not wearing a bra and I assume she was some groupie slut who knew Hallyday was near death and could offer her the good life, and really none of that matters cuz she’s essentially a nobody and here are her tits.

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