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Lateysha Grace in a Classy Outfit Doing the Christina Milian of the Day

Lateysha Grace is pulling a Christina Milian…by wearing the classiest of dresses to a party, only she’s got a better excuse for her shamelessness…no one in the world knows who the fuck Lateysha Grace is…so she best be out in mesh dresses showing off her serious body…that I am sure white people love…

It worked for me, because I just googled her and saw she’s a UK based famewhore from some MTV show and Big Brother and clearly she knows the UK way for tabloid attention…by parading around the paparazzi like this…and it’s wonderful….more people should follow her lead…oh right…they do…since girls are fucking ridiculously thirsty to stand out amongst the crowd and they all get naked when doing it…if they think or have convinced themselves that it will help make their dreams come true…and/or pay the rent.

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