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Laura Garrett for Myla Lingerie of the Day

I am going to assume that Laura Garrett is some aspiring model who can’t book a campaign for the life of her and instead works a shitty day job to pay her rent…I mean that or she has a rich boyfriend..

Then one day, a Lingerie company came along and offered her 1000 dollars to be their model, 1000 dollars to do an actual campaign, shit, she woulda done it for free…only to show up on set to find that all the bras and panties are sheer, titties will be seen, and girl..you’ve just crossed over from Aspiring model, to titty model…

Now titty modelling has lead a lot of girls to good places, so don’t knock it, and why would you do anything but encourage it, since titties are great…I just like the storyline of what brought to a place filled with titty.

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