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Laura Wells by Art Provocative of the Day


I am not really well versed on Plus Sized models or the Plus Sized model industry, I just know it is massive…literally…and girls everywhere with pretty faces are flocking to it…because it’s the time to shine as a bigger girl….

Nothing wrong with that….all half naked vagina is good vagina, I am just not well versed in it, or on Plus Sized porn stars, or BBW porn…because it is not really a fetish of mine, I married a fat woman and she ruined fat girls, or big girls for me forever…they now terrify me…only because I though there would be premature death involved…ather than wiping the SLAG”s ass, because if I don’t no one will, and couches and bed sheets and my nose hate that….the lies the media tell us when it comes to fat…

I assumed that Sports Illustrated was the hub of the plus sized models, they had a corner on the market that they they pretend aren’t plus sized, even though they are much bigger than this model…

Her name is Laura Wells, and apparently she’s in the top 2 Australia plus sied models…and she doesn’t even look that big, she just has big boobs, which I guess in being plus sized, that’s the benefit….big tits to stare at and eat…along with eating…because they don’t need to starve themselves…and eating is fun…albeit expensive…..something anyone you know who bangs fat girls will brag about…”but dude…her tits are bigger than my head”…as a justification for banging a fat girl…

< =a href="https://www.instagram.com/iamlaurawells/?hl=en" target="_blank"> Laura Wells is not even a fat girl…I feel like calling her plus sized she just not a skinny, morbid, skeletal fashion model…is insane…and I am the first to call a girl plus sized…because making girls feel fat and inadequate helps me get sex…but I guess it is because she’s Australian and they have different standards seeing as they live on a beach and aren’t American diabetic fast food eating pigs…so she’s just slotted into the plus sized because of a formality, before actually plus sized with fat girls happened…even though there are girls on instagram in bikinis getting campaigns bigger than this….including Kylie Jenner.

But she does have tits…that our friend ART PROVOCATIVE got to shoot and share with us…and I love tits….

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