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Lauren Murphy’s UFC Nipple of the Day

This is obviously a few days old, but UFC fighter Lauren Murphy’s tit fell out of her sports bra when she was kicking the shit out of some other UFC bitch, which I am sure got all the UFC bros really pumped that it wasn’t some dick on dick in skimpy short martial art action, assuming they aren’t all closet cases who just discount the girl fighters that were thrown into the mix for the people like me who don’t give a fuck about UFC, find it pretty queer to be into UFC and without chicks being involved, it’s not worth checking out….only even with chicks involved I havlittle to ne o interest in the shit….since girls who typically like to beat the fuck out of other girls are not the kind of girls I like…I get it, strong and fit is ok, but then watch the CROSSFIT GAMES and realize that girls who do crossfit should have dicks since that sex appeal is zero…only instead of doing olympic lifts, these girls might as well have dicks…

Anyway, I figure a tit slip is the golden moment in Women’s UFC to the fans, so not posting it would be a crime….and here you go….even though I’m not into this shit…so many of you probably are…you pervert fucks.

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