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Leah Kate is the Popstar in Training with No Pants of the Day

I’ve never heard of Leah Kate because I am not in the know and I do not pay attention to every single girl on social media whining about themsleves, their periods, white boys or incessantly complaining about all they struggles they have, while self promoting some shit half naked….even when they are rich kids, especially when they are rich kids, because I don’t go on social media.

I do sometimes notice those people when they start to get some momentum in their whining about everything, hustling to get seen for whatever they are hustling, usually in a really medicated way because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard…but also because people don’t really seem to have any original thought in this NPC world….

The good news is that they are usually half naked because if you have the tits and ass, you best be making them part of your fashion, your look, your marketing, because it’s the ONLY fucking way to be seen and even that’s not a sure shot way to be seen, but sometimes it gets you seen.

So Leah Kate is on a USA tour, it’s the SUPER OVER tour because she’s SUPER OVER IT or some shit…but more importantly, she looks like an internet porn chick, or an onlyfans chick, with her content, which I guess is the look of the generation, since it’s all I see on people when I leave the house…THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME….

IT’S a good thing for an old pervert, but probably not a good thing for society as a whole, but who cares about that!

The funny thing about Leah Kate is that she’s actually old as shit at 31 years old, only releasing her first album at 28 years old, but got to support the Madison Beer tour, which was convenient since she looks like Madison Beer who went to space…..

If you’re wondering how she did it, her family owns radio stations and TV stations across the USA and when you own the radio stations or TV stations you can chart motherfuckers, or at least pretend that you organically went viral from YOUTUBE…..

This is her latest song/video:

This is some other smut she produces…

These are her pics:

That was my Leah Kate endorsement!

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