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LeAnn Rimes Got Them Nipples Out of the Day

LeAnna Rimes is in some racy photoshoot to make her Christian fans and followers think she’s fully fallen off the path to redemption due to the heathens of Hollywood, I mean even in the last photo she’s doing witch craft…but more importantly is doing provocative posing with her nipples exposed, and despite the good lord giving her those nipples, at least I think her plastic surgeon’s name was the good lord, putting them out there is satan’s work…

However, like good God Fearing fans, they’ll still support her because she is one of their own, a good Country girl gone bad due to the industry….homewrecking and such….but worth grabbing her CD at the Walmart checkout line…to show they still care…

Country Music is the forgiving forever fan…where their stars can do no wrong even when they do wrong becasue Jesus forgives.


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LeAnna Rimes Bikini Pose of the Day

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LeAnna Rimes took a pic of herself bent over in a bikini…and I felt it was appropriate based on her level of classy whore from the south who fell off the rails and took her money to make herself into some kind of bootleg stripper looking housewife homewrecker…

She reminds me of every stripper trying to seduce me ass up posed over the bar pretending to order a drink..only the instagram version..

You know the kind of girl who acts like she wants to get raped, and you figure you can’t rape the willing so it’s not rape, only for her to charge you with rape…the worst…

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