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Lee-Grace Doughtery, Sibling Bank Robbers, in Self Shot Pics of Sleazy Pics of the Day

Lee-Grace Doughtery is a Florida stripper who led her brothers in a cross country chase after robbing a bank. They were captured in Colorado after shooting at cops with an AK-47 only they drove over the police spikes. It’s the plot of a hilarious and obvious movie, only it is real life….I just like that she had to be a fucking stripper…you know to make things even more dramatic and hollywood…

She’s being held on a $1.25 million bail and like all stripper sluts with dreams of robbing banks like it was 1890, cuz one too many men touched her tit for 10 dollars a song, she’s got some self shot pics…and they were emailed to me last night so I’m posting them….cuz I’m all for people in the news having slutty pics…True story. I mean I wish I had access to every girl in the world’s slutty pics…from the fat girl in the dog park, to the girl at the coffee shop, to the mailman who is actually a woman but lesbianism has this thing that makes it seem like she’s got a cock, cuz i know they exist….any girl with a camera has taken slutty pics…you know…

Either way, here’s Lee-Grace Doughtery. For a stripper she sucks at these self shot pics…and between you and me this is the first I’ve heard of this story, so I have no idea if this is actually her…but I’m posting it anyway cuz not quite a criminal genius is good enough for me when naked..

Pics via TUMBLR

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