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Sophie Marceau Ass for the Necrophiliacs of the Day

Here is an almost erotic clip of Sophie Marceau’s Old Lady Ass, if you’re a necrophiliac and like your bitches to look like they are lying in a locker at the morgue before you have your way with them, something hard to introduce into sex on the first date, in a “come on baby, let me just paint your lips this shade of blue and you just lay there like you’re dead and let me have my way with you ok?”, that’s why I always just recommend really strong sedatives to my necrophiliac friends….

I’m not cultured or into other cultures, but french movies have offered some of the best real sex scenes in a movie, like this one called Baisse Moi that I jerked off to at least once, because there was actual penetration, in a movie that wasn’t considered porn, something that makes sense…It’s like why pretend to fuck when you should actually be fucking to make your role look a lot more authentic than the love scenes Hollywood likes to include in their movies….

Some other bitch was in the movie named Linett Hernandez Valdes, not to be confused with Juan Valdez, the Columbian “coffee farmer” cuz “coffee” is Columbia’s number one export in terms of hiding cocaine in the shipments….she showed tit, I like black chicks, especially when latina even though I’d expect more out of this AFROTINA since this was her first role….

By the way, the movie is called L’Homme de Chevet if you ever want to ignore it at the movie store or pretend you saw it to a bitch you want to impress….

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