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Laura Hanson Sims & Lia Pavlova Fashion Porn Vogue of the Day


I don’t know who Laura Hanson Sims or Lia Pavlova but VOGUE does so they must be important…like a Kardashian…because Vogue and really all media fucking love the Kardashians, not because they are cute – but becasue they have followers and are thus important and people you should get behind and leverage to get your own followers – despite the fact that a lot of people I know with a lot of followers are just Russian spammers with robot traffic who post nude pics of Russian sex workers – but they never get featured in Vogue…unless that is what this Lia Pavlova is, she sounds like she may be one, but her instagram only has under 20,000 fans…so I guess she’s not important…but rather a model being used to model because she’s got the look and feel of what they were looking for / the agency is hustling her as a new face.

That point of all those words I just wrote is that everything we see is a calculated bullshit scam – used to manipulate us and get our money or information – and whether the tools being used are new models or old washed up cunts like a Kardashian….the message is the same…they don’t care about us, or good content…but if they distract us with tits we won’t have an uprising or even notice whatever they are trying to do or manipulate with this pics…

I don’t know what you’re selling VOGUE..but I know I’m not buying whatever it is…

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