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The Liberty Ross Nude Pic of the DAy

Liberty Ross posed nude for the recent issue of the LOVE magazine that also feature Kate Moss’ awesome well traveled bush ….the highlight of the issue as far as I’m concerned…butt his Liberty Ross chick took the back seat, as she’s used, by getting nude to show the world what her husband or ex-husband, Rupert Sanders, left behind the night he stuck his dick in Kristen Stewart…..but then again, my portable air conditioner has more sex appeal than inbred Kristen Steward…leading me to think this Liberty Ross was either horrible in bed, or the kind of groupie mom who stops fucking when she gets the kid and retirement plan from Rupert Sanders..

I’d like to thank Jack for sending this in while I was drinking with a couple college girls…along with this insane note…that makes me think he should be drinking in a padded room….he’s a threat to society..

Her nipples are on the better side of perfect and something you could gnaw and bite on while whistling snow white tunes to get her more enraged. This would be a perfect relationship for me. I could pretend I was an angry dwarf and eat her pussy for days!

She was a model before selling her soul to her director ex-husband who cheated her after she made babies with him, possibly cuz her vagina got too loose to enjoy…so assume there are nudes of her out there already but these ones are new – so be excited….

Here’s the pic…

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