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Lil Poopy Slappin’ Ass in his Video of the Day

I dont’ listen to rap or trap music…but I should because the shit is so ridiculous, almost a comedy act figure headed by Diddy, making a mockery of the rap life especially now with this Lil Poopy, cuz he just reminds us just how stupid the shit is….and it is awesome….

I call it future criminal thanks to being exploited properly by his hood dad trying to get fancy cars and the hip hop life by making his kid a novelty act…who charges 7,500 dollars and has played with Diddy, Rick Ross and other clowns….

I gotta say is at least his daddy is still in the picture….that’s almost unheard of….

The whole thing is weird…but his booty slapping of a fat ass is amazing…

Either way, who are we to judge….if we do it would be considered racist…you know cuz they are black….and that’s how it works….

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