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Lilly Becker Tits of the DAy

Lilly Becker Tits

Lilly Becker is Boris Becker’s Wife of the Day and she’s got some hilarious bold on tits…

Her name is Sharley Kerssenberg and she’s a “model”. I guess by model they mean ex-stripper, or sex worker with the stupid fucking tits, which is more than I’d expect from a pro tennis player, since those white shorts make them dudes look like breasts are the last thing on their mind…

They are more into thinking about the after game shower with their doubles partner.

As much as I like tennis, they can all go fuck themselves with their whiteness, white shorts….Including Boris Becker, when he’s not too busy trying to overcompensate with tits to prove he’s not into ass fucking men.

But then again he’s a rich german and probably shits on her, which makes this all the more interesting…

At least she’s skinny in her sugar babying.

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