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Lina Berg For King Kong of the Day


Lina Berg is some German model, apparently she’s a big named, but I’ve never heard of her, mainly because like you, I only know the Victoria’s Secret promo model models, they are the ones with the tits, who get the press, who have little to offer the world because they’ve sold out to the evil brand, but that the world accept as the hottest pussy around….

Where as models like Lina Berg are seen as having substance, being artists, being real and authentic, you know talented…because they show their non existent tits for random magazines called King Kong that I’ve never heard of…but more importantly, they do it with such conviction because they aren’t laughing when the bullshit “art director”…puts string on her face thinking he’s just struck VAN GOGH level artistry…what a fucking joke….so lame…

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