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Lina Lorenza Topless Photoshoot of the Day

Lina Lorenza Topless Photoshoot

We need girls like Lina Lorenza out in nature getting totally naked for the internet….because I remember a life before the internet when girls were not getting totally naked in nature….and the only nudity we’d see was in movies and in monthly magazine spreads of women that other people deeemed to be the best at getting naked at the time….leaving a whole pile of other willing to get naked girls unseen, on the cutting room floor if you will…sure some of the locals who didn’t know how to navigate getting naked ended up as strippers and occasionally a party slut would walk around topless or maybe you’d get flashed…but so many girls who were capable and willing to get naked just wouldn’t happen.

The internet gives ALL girls the right to get nude…to show us their tits and it is wonderful even when it is no…


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Lina Lorenza’s Got Good Tits of the Day

Lina Lorenza Nude in Black and White By Marco Michieletto

I don’t know who Lina Lorenza is, I did a quick google search, that’s about all you’ll get out of me in terms of “work” because I have better things to do than fill your unappreciative asses in on who the tits I post on my site belong to….I mean do your own damn research you dick….

But from what I’ve figured out…she’s some EURO, from Italy, I mean just read her name….who I guess is also German…and who is naked because naked is “artistic” and naked is natural and feminist and activism and a great way to get noticed by perverts who want to see you naked…even though I always tell the girls I know to get an audience first, then getting naked for that audience is worth more cash…it’s about getting the cash…don’t give it away for free…yet women haven’t caught onto that yet…I guess they are used to being underpaid or some shit…or maybe they just need men to manage them…WHO KNOWS>..

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