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Liv O’Driscoll Hot Model in Glamour Paris of the Day


Her name is Liv O’Driscoll – this is her INSTAGRAM ..but more importantly, here are some images of her from Glamour Paris…because she’s showing her tits and is hot..

I’ve googled her, I figured out pretty much nothing about her, but when it comes down to it, what would we really discover about her, her family background, her location, her age, her experience, her past shoots, when really we’re looking at her tits and that may be all we need to know…

This is the first time I’ve posted Liv O’Driscoll…so I’d like to say it looks like she’s made it – because I am that relevant – the Simon Cowell of the internet’s model tits…because model tits are more interesting than me than overrated actor gossip…but the reality is – me posting this will do nothing but possibly get me a take down notice from their legal team…which I like to interpret as flirting…it keeps me going and makes me feel that at least one of these fame whores just doing what is coming their way notices I am here…even though they never seem to give me a blowjob for the free press…and they always seem angry – even though I never say anything bad about these whores…I am just into what they are good for…them tits.

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