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Reddit Says this is Livvy Dunne Taking a Shit of the Day

You may or may not know Livvy Dunne, but if you don’t, you best be get to THIS SPORTS SITE THAT IS NOT A SPORTS SITE to keep track of her every fucking move.

She’s a high paid influencers who has millions of young perverted kid followers thanks to posing videos of herself doing gymnastics half naked.

She went viral in the COVID era for doing gymnastics half naked and since she happened to have a scholarship from being on the gymnastics team, since schools need people on the gymnastics team, even though no one cares about the gymnastics team, unless they are doing gymnastics in their bikinis or half naked on the beach…so she spun that into legitimizing her fetish content and brands started paying a lot of money.

It just goes to show you, all you need is a good agent to game his corporate clients and any whore getting jerked off to can be seen as premium ad inventory….a different kind of whoring….

So instead of fisting herself on onlyfans, she gets to go to cool places and do cool things….and when she’s doing those things she takes a shit.

I don’t know if this is really LIVVY, it was posted on some influencer reddit account, but how could I not post a shitting video that claims to be LIVVY….

I mean, it’s gotta be fake or AI since girls don’t shit…


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