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Liza Lok TITTY Model of the Day

I have no idea who Liza Lok is – but it looks like she’s the star of an instagram photoshoot and in being the star of an instagram photoshoot – that means she’s showing tits – because sometimes you need a fake bullshit reason to do a photoshoot – to justify your photoshoot – otherwise you look like a vapid cunt who just does photoshoots because she’s vain…even though we all know that’s precisely why you do photoshoots…

Maybe this Liza Lok is different…maybe she does this for selfless reasons…maybe…it’s for the greater good of man….who knows..but it happened and tits are good for you to connect with the core of who you are today….a social media whore – or the pervert jerking off to them…in the picture book that is all our brains can handle anymore…insane….

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