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Liza Minnelli Poses with Tits of the Day

This is amazing….Liza Minnelli hanging with a great set of tits….the funny thing is that I’m considered a porn site cuz I’m posting this tame shit…cuz America is uptight…especially corporate America…who don’t get that life with tits is a lot better than pretending tits don’t exist…you know to please the Christians….

Not that you care about my issues, but when they tell me they can’t run an ad on my site and call me inappropriate when my site is so softcore I doubt anyone has ever jerked off to this shit…and if they have…they are sex offending weirdos who jerk off to random bullshit…while these execs are out getting fucked up the ass by whores with strap-ons…or inserting cured meat in their corporate bullshit asses…

Not that you care about my issues, but it’s hypocrisy…people need to take Liza Minelli’s lead and stand next to some great tits…it changes perspective on things….it reminds us where we come from and where we’re going…

I don’t know what that means, I just know these pictures belong on a t-shirt…the weirdest woman in show biz….old school classic performer…reminding us that life isn’t meant to be so censored and controled.

Live a little people….

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