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Victim Blaming Liziane Gutierrez of the Day


Her name is Liziane Gutierrez. She’s apparently a Vegas stripper, who I guess works at the strip club the celebs go to, and in being the stripper to the celebs in Vegas, she probably gets invited back to their hotel suites, as dudes are perverts, and even if they can get everyday girls from the club, there’s something grimy as fuck about strippers that these people like.

I don’t understand it, because I hate strippers, but maybe that’s just because I can’t afford them and their money grubbing ways, or maybe it is because I don’t actually get non stripper girls willing to let me touch her tits, so that’s what I crave, or maybe these celebs think all girls, even other celebs, and models are whores…who knows…

Either way, these strippers all turn tricks on the side, and the celebrity sex is the highest paying because they like disclosure….so what we do know is that Liziane Gutierrez accused Chris Brown for punching her in the face in his hotel room, and now people are saying that she had issues with some other celeb, who I’ve never heard of named Jason Derulo, also a black singer, because I guess she’s got a specific market or audience.

Why can’t people just believe that rich black famous dudes beat strippers, especially those who were arrested for beating the fuck out of Rihanna..

I guess it’s easier to say the stripper, sex worker, is deserving, or delusional…but I think we’re all smarter than that…but then again, it’s a solid cash grab and a way out of being a stripper, maybe it will even be her own reality show of “stripper in america”…and really who cares, I’m more into seeing her famewhore, thirsty as fuck, stripper on social media ways…with her fake ass, tits and face…like all other social media strippers, some of whom aren’t even strippers…

People need to lighten the fuck up…and fuck everybody…

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