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Lizzie Cundy in Her Bikini in Cannes of the Day

If you’re into 45 year old nobodies from the UK in their Bikinis in Cannes….a pretty specific fetish that I am sure at least one person in the world has…you know the only thing he can jerk off to is that…then you’ll love Lizzie Cundy…

Lizzie Cundy is some 45 year old slag from the UK who co-hosts a bunch of ridiculous shows like “So Would You Dump Me Now”….and WAGS World…..you know really high quality tabloid gutter shit you can’t believe is actually on TV…if you actually wasted your energy thinking about it….

While I just can’t believe she’s in a bikini, you know they make one-pieces out of spanx material for women her age to swim in….not that women her age should be swimming, or even showing that much skin, they are at risk for skin cancer…or more importantly turning dudes gay due or at least turning dudes off from marrying a bitch…knowing one day she’ll end up looking like this….and she’s a good 45 year old…bold enough to get in a bikini….statistically better than the one you’ll end up with….reminding us it’s better to stick with prostitutes, because they always stay the same age…if you always hire the 25 year olds.

I don’t know why I’m posting this. But I am.


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Lizzie Cundy Great Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Lizzie Cundy is a UK TV personality who is a UK TV personality because she married a footballer back in 1994….making her old and married somewhere in her 40s but more importantly an enterprising whore who was hot enough to get in that footballer groupie position that made her set for fucking life….and for a mother of two in her 40s….she’s got a great fucking ass that I’d love to climb up and curl up inside her vagina with a good book…you know trying to simulate the birthing process in reverse..it’s a fetish…but I chicks like this only fuck their way up in their careers…or their personal trainers/tennis coaches….Who cares, great ass.

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