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Lucy Collett Glamour Model Naked for Snapchat of the Day

No this isn’t Ariel Winter…This is Lucy Collett…

Lucy Collett is a UK Glamour model that reminds me that most of us hate this whole body positive thing, but probably not her fans, since she’s a glamour model, which means they have always just been there for the tits and now the tits are bigger and more substantial, they just come with thick thighs and a huge fucking pregnancy, despite not being pregnant belly…

No chicks like fat chicks – and even though the body positive thing has been a female run initiative to fight the misogynistic man, the reality is if I send a fat nude to any girl, they are repulsed, while any dude is like “i’d do it” or “i’d pick a fold”…or “i’d make her eat an entire cake and jerk off on her tits”…

Guy’s don’t care, we like repulsive things, just told try to trick us into thinking it’s hot….but keep using snapchat as a medium to get your nudes out there…it’s a porn site and the content only lasts 24 hours…so people won’t even get to look at stare and wonder what happened to the OG Lucy Collet…

Maybe she was always fat…

Right…nothing on snapchat lives longer than 24 hours, it’s one of those the internet follows all the rules situations…

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Lucy Collett Big Boobs for NUTS of the Day

This just in…Lucy Collett has big tits…and she’s pretending to take selfies of them in some photoshoot for a Lad Mag that doesn’t really need to be doing any commentary on the whole selfie shit, but rather just focus on what’s important, and what her worth and value is, and that’s her monster tits…tits I would like to travel on, they just look that comfortable…much better than the lumpy pillow I found on moving day in the dumpster that smells like a mix between Fabreze and Death….

Here are some pics.

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Lucy Collett Tits for Twitter of the Day

Lucy Collett is a UK titty model which explains two very important things…the first is why she is built like this and the second is why she’s posting her topless pics to Twitter….you see cuz once you put your tits out there once and shit becomes available on google, why the fuck enjoy the freedom of your sacrifice by being topless as often as you can, partially cuz that’s all people want out of you, but mainly because she put it out there, she took off the top and there’s really no point in ever putting it back on…this is some Braveheart “FREEDOM” shit….a revolutionary who didn’t really require much effort….and I’m not just saying that cuz her stomach isn’t toned…I’m saying it cuz this is the easy way out and all girls need to follow her lead….cuz I wanna see all your titties…

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Lucy Collett Secretary Strip for Nuts of the Day

OMG. It’s a Glamour Model and she’s showing her tits…and it’s so shocking and scandalous and amazing…it is like going to a strip club and seeing the stripper take her bra off…of like having sex with your wife when she’s ovulating and trying to get pregnant….it’s pretty a chore…thrown down our throats….expected and uneventful…but luckily it involves big old tits….because that makes the repetitiveness so fucking bearable…

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Lucy Collett Polka Dot Bikini of the Day

The quality of girls the UK seem to celebrate, just cuz they are willing to get naked…or topless…is totally fucking questionable…reminding me that annyone with that kind of accent and dainty demeanor is probably the poofter you’d expect them to be….one that must keep up appearances, because being British is very regal and there’s a certain class you must exude, one that Amy Winehouse showed the world, god bless her soul….making the average Poofter -Prince Charles themeselves and just stick to trannys cuz it’s more decent….so looking at this Page 3 pig…just confirms that theory I’ve been working on the last 4 mintues…and here are her tits…

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