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Lui Magazine 2017 Calendar of the Day


Lui Magazine made a Calendar…for the 1 percent of the population who don’t own computers, or iphones, the rednecks wrestling lawn furniture who need this on their outhouse wall…..

Perfect demo for a titty magazine, turned fashion magazine that posts nude pics of hot models shot by some now famous, always working photographer….

Maybe they are being ironic, like “no one uses calendars so let’s be 90s and make a calendar”….or maybe it is something the EUROs do…but other than a car Mechanic, or an old creepy masturbating dude, these things are obsolete….but fashion nudes of models are forever…so whatever the excuse or angle…good times.

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The Lui Magazine Model Nudity of the Day


Last week we saw the covers of all the models naked for Lui Magazine , which for 4-5 decades was a porn magazine, but with some rebranding, figured they’d become a fashion magazine, since porn is free on the internet, but fashion is still something you can jerk off to, as long as you feature naked models, instead of gutter porn chicks…you know…to clean up their brand…but to not take away full intent of the brand…

So some of the models included this issue are;

Natasha Poly :


Fuck this here are all of them – figure it out on your own asshole…

The naked models include Natasha Poly, Amber Valetta, Lara Stone, Malgosia Bela, Anja Rubik, Mariacarla Boscono, Toni Garrn, Daria Strokous, Jourdan Dunn, Carolyn Murphy, Isabeli Fontana and Edita Vilkeviciute

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A Bunch of Topless Models in December’s LUI Magazine Cover of the Day


Interesting that one Euro magazine takes the ill advised opinion of their lesbian, very expensive, despite going bankrupt, legendary photographer and decide to make a statement by exploting fat, old, “Power” or women of interest…instead of exploiting models by featuring them naked in their calendar…

But Lui Magazine comes in and are French about the whole thing…we like women, men like women, lets find beautiful women, and take nice pictures of them naked, because it is the most wonderful time of the year…let’s be wonderful..

I don’t even think the people at Lui know what’s going on in this bullshit feminist oppressive world we are in right now…they are just like “we are called LUI, let’s be men, and post tits…model tits”…

These are the covers….the insides are gonna be nutty…

The models are:

Amber Valletta, Anja Rubik, Carolyn Murphy, Daria Strokous, Edita Vilkeviciute, Isabeli Fontana, Jourdan Dunn, Lara Stone, Malgosia Bela, Mariacarla Boscono, Natasha Poly and Toni Garrn

I’ve only tried to have sex with one of them, it was a bar, she was Russian…and it was love, I just wasn’t a billionaire and she was 6 foot 6….it wounldn’t work with my small penis and all..but I still fear her communist, war torn souless eyes…

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