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Luma Groethe for Vogue Brasil of the Day

Vogue Brasil – just won.

I mean, Vogue, being the iconic fashion publication, has clearly gone into the right direction of men’s magazine, which you’d think wasn’t the market they were looking for at all, but maybe fashion in Brazil is a pervert man’s game….because nothing about these amazing pics scream Vogue to me, they are more like Playboy or even Euro Lad Mag…but Vogue…weird…and I’m saying that as someone who has been jerking off to fashion since i was a kid, because fashion has always been clever enough to showcase nipple, just never quite like this…

The models name is Luma Groethe…sounds like she’s totally American…which would explain why she’s so hot and not a 300 pound brickhouse like Kate Upton…

I’m a fan.

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