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Maddalena Corvaglia Bikini Pics of the Day


I am not going to sit here and pretend that I have heard of this girl, because I haven’t. I am not a very cultured person, just a very busted up person from that bullshit accident. I know that I generally trash up the internet by posting celebritites in their bikinis, and I guess it doesn’t matter to me where that celebrity comes from, as long as she’s spread open, adjusting herself for the world to see. I do think she has stupid hair, and I am not talking 1990 stupid, which meant cool, I mean stupid stupid, like rich jewish girl gone down to the islands to stay at the family condo, or to go on a cruise and thought getting the native bitches to braid her hair was so cool, so everyone in her jewish elementary school gets jealous. I guess white trash do this too, but their family vacations usually consist of going to the other side of town and setting up a tent by the local water treatment center. I am just speculating. I guess they also spend their summer vacations getting molested by their uncles, losing their virginity to their brother, who proceeds to share them with all of his friends, while mom is working cash at Wal Mart.

I am pretty cracked out from the accident. I think this near death experience has brought me closer to god, and I will bring you closer to this Maddalena Corvaglia cooter.

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