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Madeline Brewer in a Thong of the Day

Madeline Brewer Sexy

Madeline Brewer is not famous enough, but she’s trying.

She’s from Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove and now The Handmaid’s Tale where she plays a girl with no eye, easier to skull fuck for you skull fuck weridos out there…I am talking to you Horny Lohan Wanker or whatever you call yourself now…I know your likes and dislikes.

Like all the girls under 75, she’s on social media posting up her provocative shit, I think she could step it up to get noticed…these seem like low level, entry level, mailroom level “thirst trapping”. She’s in the panties, but even J.Lo the 55 year old knows to show asshole behind thong to get seen and she’s J.Lo.

I mean what is she scared of, she’s an actor, thus already morally void…is it because she’s low level famous and scared to ruin what she’s built, not famous enough to go full whore, just famous enough to dabble…I don’t have the answers but I do believe she’s got potential. A work in progress.


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