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Madeline Relph Naked of the Day

Madeline Relph topless in a black thong

You don’t need to really know who Madeline Relph is, because I don’t know who she is, but I do appreciate that she’s a hot skinny girl getting naked on social media to showcase to the world, or her audience of 255,000 people, how awesome her life is because she decided to travel and be in a bikini, living between Sydney and Bali, instead of actually getting a job doing whatever the fuck it is people do, because that’s not living and this is living….

You can’t help but buy into the hype that is instagram, when you see girls like this doing it, whatever it is, when it includes getting naked…

It’s like they sleep in, they hang by the beach, pop off a pic or two, eat well, hang by the pool, pop off a pic or two and really don’t need to do much else..

In ways it’s lazy…but in reality…it’s adventurous and fun…they are the modern day Christopher Columbus’…being lazy coconut eating weed smoking half naked babes for the internet and I can’t hate on that.

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