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Madi Fogg Nipples for Alessandro Casagrande of the DAy

Madi Fogg is an unknown model, and she had her pics taken by a guy named Alessandro Casagrande. I think they are from Australia, which apparently is the land of hipster titties, because all the hot instagram models, who are getting work and showing titties, seem to be from Australia, because I guess being bred from a line of criminal blood, with such an abrasive accent, that is trashy as fuck, especially when drunk, even though 99 percent of the time it is drunk, there’s not much else to do…it’s like the girls are all fucking hot, they like to have fun, and showing their tits, isn’t a thing…so why not fucking do it for attention…and I think it looks pretty good…doesn’t it…mate..

That was me speaking Australian…it will never happen again.

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